Titanium: The Titan of Metals

“I am titanium!” This line from a bestselling pop song exemplifies titanium’s desirable qualities – as strong as steel, as light as aluminum, and as b…

Silver – What You Need to Know

We are all familiar with silver, as it is the medal given in the Olympics. A precious metal, there is more to it than just a runner up award and the m…

Interesting Facts about Tin

When the element tin is brought up, one immediately thinks of tin cans. The association remains strong even though cans today are comprised mainly of …

All About Niobium

Niobium was named after Niobe, daughter of King Tantalus who was transformed into stone while grieving over her dead offspring. Interesting name choic…

A Guide to Nickel

Nickel looks like a typical metal with its silvery white color, but its properties make it more versatile than other metallic elements. Its hardness, …

What is Molybdenum?

Molybdenum is one of those metallic elements that few people have heard about. Well it is a metal, silvery white in color, very corrosion resistant an…

Mercury – Useful But Lethal

Mercury has a striking appearance especially since it is in a liquid state. But don’t let that fool you as mercury is toxic and can kill. Assigned the…

Iron – The Life Giving Metal

Iron is one of the most important elements in the planet. It helps transport oxygen to the blood, absolutely vital for life to continue. Iron is also …

Daily Metal Prices
$1,885.29 per metric ton
$32,000.00 per metric
$5,719.76 per metric ton
$1,342.90 per troy oz.
$1,480.00 per troy oz.
$57.86 per metric ton
$2,031.00 per metric ton
$26,000.00 per metric ton
$8,931.76 per metric ton
$1,408.70 per troy oz.
$813.80 per troy oz.
$2,575.00 per troy oz.
$270.00 per troy oz.
$15.76 per troy oz.
$19,658.84 per metric ton
$2,573.40 per metric ton
Last Updated: February 16, 2019, 11:50 pm
The displayed metal prices are estimates only. They are aggregated using multiple sources. Actual prices may vary based on region, supplier, or various other factors.