Gold price
Is Gold Still Valuable?

Wealth, prosperity, power, luxury, splendor, excellence, and even immortality. These are words that usually comes to mind when one hears the word “gol…

Does Uranium Have a Bright Future?

When we say the word “Uranium” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The first thing that comes to mind would be nuclear power, right? We’ve all …

Iridium: Not just for LEDs

Iridium isn’t a word that you can hear every day which is fitting for the metal since iridium is the one of the rarest metals found on earth. Extremel…

Titanium price
Titanium: The Godly Metal

Titanium is often a word that correlates with strength and durability. If you’re an avid comic book reader or have been watching the latest movies, th…

Tantalum price
How is Tantalum Being Used?

Tantalum is a very valuable metal, however due to the current circumstances it faces, investing in the metal is going to be a big risk.  Often called …

Lithium: Should I invest in it?

What’s the first thing that would come to mind when you think of lithium? For most people it would either be the lithium-ion batteries that they often…

Lead price
Lead: Why is it so dangerous?

Lead is one of the earliest metals to be discovered by man.  One of the oldest lead objects used by man was from 6,500 years ago, which was a small le…

Daily Metal Prices
$1,885.29 per metric ton
$91,500.00 per metric
$5,719.76 per metric ton
n/a per troy oz.
$1,375.00 per troy oz.
$57.86 per metric ton
$2,507.00 per metric ton
$26,000.00 per metric ton
$8,931.76 per metric ton
n/a per troy oz.
n/a per troy oz.
$2,240.00 per troy oz.
$250.00 per troy oz.
$16.55 per troy oz.
$19,658.84 per metric ton
$2,573.40 per metric ton
Last Updated: May 25, 2018, 2:58 pm
The displayed metal prices are estimates only. They are aggregated using multiple sources. Actual prices may vary based on region, supplier, or various other factors.